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Edward Herman passed away in 2014, and so did his girlfriend Gilmore Girls A sweet and special tribute to the character was given in the Netflix revival A year in the life. As Emily discovers her life without her husband and finds a way forward, the audience feels emotional about the loss as Richard remembers his pride in his daughter Lorelai and granddaughter Lorelai.

In the presence of Richard Gilmore Girls He is always witty and hilarious as he has many witty things to say, as do his wife and other family members. Whether Richard is talking about a favorite spot or taking a magazine quiz, Redditors discuss interesting things he has to say throughout the show’s run.

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“I love this place.”

Richard loves being at Yale

There’s a lot out there good Gilmore Girls Yale scenes, including all the times Richard meets Rory. The two have had a bond since they first started spending time together, and now that they went to the same college, they appreciate each other even more. Redditor SuccessfulAd708 Loved this quote and wrote, “It’s great that Richard is a Bulldog, and they have in common that they love Yale.”

Richard doesn’t express himself often because he tends to be stoic and serious, so it’s nice to see this character share his adoration for something. It was a special moment when Rory replied that he liked Yale too.

“Rory, do you have any nutritional deficiencies…”

Richard can’t believe Rory hasn’t been eating properly

In Season 1, Rory stays with her grandparents due to bad weather and she makes frozen pizza, a hilarious scene that fans will always remember. Emily is upset that Rory won’t eat home-cooked meals The redditor is max musttoothless Richard Rory asked “Would you need an international relief organization to recruit a celebrity to raise money in your account?” He mentioned when asked.

This quote says a lot about the different personalities of Emily and Richard. Although Emily worries that Lorelai doesn’t cook, Richard knows that, in his own quiet and calm way, Lorelai is a smart, capable parent who takes good care of Rory.

“Yes, Emily. You can go first.”

Richard has health problems in season 1

In the Season 1 episode “Forgiveness and Meaning,” it’s hard to watch as Richard is hospitalized and Emily and Lorelai, Rory, are scared and devastated. Redditor SarahLynngrey Richard mentions the sentimental quote to Emily, “You can go first.”

It’s even harder to think about Richard’s words knowing that he dies before the events A year in the life. Emily can’t imagine life without her best friend and soulmate, and Lorelai and Rory sympathize and feel her pain.

“This is your moment like Rory’s moment. Enjoy.”

Richard wants Lorelai to enjoy Rory’s Yale graduation

Richard and Lorelais Gilmore Girls relationship Complex and layered, it makes for great TV. Although they have not-so-nice chats throughout the series, Richard shares how hard Lorelai works at various points. Gilmore Girls.

Redditor SystemFamiliar5966 The family loves watching Rory’s Yale ceremony and Richard tells his daughter, “Lorelai, I’m watching the time. I’m taking pictures.” Richard knows Lorelai worked hard to get Rory this opportunity, including helping her move into Chilton, and he wants Lorelai to know he’s proud of both of them.

“It is one of the great joys of my life to surround yourself with a house full of useless objects…”

Richard jokes in the Season 3 episode “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis”

Redditor useful_interaction99 Richard loves when he tells Emily that he’s glad they have so much furniture and so random a house. He continues, “I’m never happier than when we’re standing in the corner looking at our furniture.”

This quote speaks of the sweet relationship the couple shares and how Richard would do anything for Emily. Richard will read a book or engage in an interesting conversation, not caring too much about how his house is, he knows this is important to Emily and she wants to be content and quiet.

“I am an autumn.”

Richard completes a journal quiz

When Richard and Emily attend Rory’s 16th birthday party in Season 1, Rory gives Richard a quiz to take. Redditor Daisymiller8 “I love this quote,” Richard wrote as he shared his results. said the fan A year in the lifeOn Richard’s coffin is a fallen leaf, “Just thinking about that moment brings tears to my eyes.”

It’s one of the most special moments Richard and Rory share, and Rory realizes that her grandfather cares a lot about her and will always be there for her. Since Rory doesn’t know her grandparents yet, that means a lot.

Richard becomes emotional in the series finale

to Redditor Dreamerbird, one of Richard’s best quotes was when he shared that he was inspired by the house Lorelai built in the Season 7 finale, “Bon Voyage.” Luke may have thrown a party to see Rory at her first big writing job, but Richard can tell the crowd is too big because the town loves Lorelai.

Gilmore Girls Viewers have mixed thoughts on Season 7, but Richard’s quote from the finale is certainly sweeter. It’s important that he understands more about Lorelai and why being a part of Stars Hollow is so important to her happiness.

“Rory, I’m sorry you’re upset, but I appreciate your time.”

In Season 1’s “PS I Lo…” Richard doesn’t quite know what to say.

After Rory and Lorelai argue at the end of Season 1, Rory spends time with Emily and Richard, and Richard says this funny quote. Redditor taybrm “Classic Richard,” he said. Rory has a hard time because she loves Dean Forrester but doesn’t know how to tell him.

Although Richard sometimes stumbles over his words, his love for Rory never wavers. It’s an important quote and Rory knows she has her grandfather’s support even though she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Richard about Dean.

“Got to google you.”

Richard teases Emily in season 4

Redditor ScreenHype He mentioned Richard’s hilarious season 4 line about going to Google Emily. Emily is immediately upset, showing the dynamic between the two characters.

Emily and Richard’s are great Gilmore Girls Chapters Show them that they love each other no matter what they are going through. It’s cute that Richard likes to tease Emily that this is how he shows his affection. It’s funny how Emily is still crazy after being together for so long.

“If my wife wants her first cup of tea, she’s going to eat it!”

Richard and Lorelai fight in season 3

In “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis” Lorelai goes to an auction with Emily, and when she wants to go out with someone, this causes tension between Lorelai and her parents. Richard tells Lorelai to treat Emily better. Reddit baby brain shared “This is my favorite line of Richard’s.”

When Lorelai tells her dad that she likes being alone and doesn’t want advice from her parents, Richard says that Lorelai doesn’t want to upset Emily. It’s a difficult moment because Richard’s anxiety is understandable, but he has to see the situation from Lorelai’s perspective. This quote is a great example of how Richard and Lorelai struggle to cooperate.

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