10 Hilarious Memes That Prove Harry Potter Doesn’t Make Any Sense

As on 31st August, the Harry Potter Movies are no longer available on HBO Max. So far, fans can watch the entire story of Harry Potter On this streaming service, with A wonderful animal movie, but Peacock will regain the rights to the original story.

Harry Potter With millions of fans worldwide, it is one of the most relevant books and movies ever created. However, even this beloved product has had some pretty disastrous flaws, and fans across the internet have shared their most touching moments. Harry Potter, There is no meaning.

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How did the Basilisk’s venom not affect Harry’s Horcruxes?

In the seventh book, the Golden Trio realized that the Basilisk’s venom was a powerful enough substance to destroy Horcruxes. When Harry uses Basil’s tusk to destroy Tom Riddle’s diary, he inadvertently manages to kill one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. However, fans still wonder why Harry’s Horcruxes weren’t destroyed when the basilisk bit him.


There may be answers to this question, but the book does not provide them. The fact that Fawkes healed Harry meant that it also healed the Horcruxes. However, considering how Horcruxes react when attacked, it’s odd that nothing dramatic happens this time around, like Harry bonding with Voldemort or his body reacting in unexpected ways.

Dumbledore’s preference for Harry was quite obvious

Hogwarts is definitely no ordinary school. For starters, for a place full of children, there are plenty of dangerous things in it, such as humming willows, and fluffy or moving stairs that present an everyday hazard. However, the worst part is that Dumbledore is only interested in helping Harry.

An unpopular opinion about Hogwarts The school doesn’t really help students other than Harry. When Harry needs a broom for Quidditch, he immediately gets an expensive one, even though he’s the first year, and he can’t even play Quidditch. However, the rest of the school has to use plain old brooms, and students with financial problems like the Weasleys don’t get paid for their school supplies. Ron had to use a damaged wand for most of his second year.

Hogwarts is a school that turns children into villains

As everyone knows, Hogwarts divides students by their personality traits. However, having a house filled with children who are considered “evil” is plain weird. On top of that, the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor usually results in most of the staff ignoring the existence of the other two houses.

Growing up, most readers don’t question the dynamics of Hogwarts. But as adults, it’s easy to notice how confused they are. Additionally, there should be healthy competition among students, which can turn into an unhealthy dynamic that leads to bullying and unfriendliness between houses. Further, Gryffindors and Slytherin aren’t really that different.

Harry didn’t actually have to save the Philosopher’s Stone

Although Harry’s Horcruxes had to be destroyed in order for Voldemort to be defeated in the end, Harry didn’t necessarily have to stop him. In the first book, Harry decides to protect the Philosopher’s Stone, but Dumbledore already has a plan to protect the stone.

In other books, Harry takes on more responsibility than he should. Harry’s heroism usually gets him into a lot of trouble, such as going to the Ministry of Magic to save Sirius Black when Voldemort manipulates him. In this case, if Harry didn’t do anything again, everything would be fine.

Harry’s children’s names are absolutely ridiculous

There are a few things in Harry Potter Books that mean less than the names Harry chose for his children. Although James Sirius wasn’t too bad, James was his father and Sirius was his godfather, Albus Severus was simply weird. Dumbledore spent most of his life training Harry so that he would die to save the world, and Snape made Harry’s life impossible even when he tried to help Harry at Hogwarts.

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However, others in Harry’s life cared deeply for him and tried to keep him safe. Like Hagrid, the Weasley family, Toby, and Remus Lupin. On top of that, Ginny wasn’t allowed to have any input on her children’s names.

Hogwarts has very random rules

One way children are treated by adult witches The most disturbing aspects of wizarding society Harry Potter. In the first book, it is clear that Hagrid is taking Harry to Hogwarts against his guardian’s wishes. Petunia and Vernon try to hide in a very secluded place to avoid letters from Hogwarts. Even though they were terrible guardians of Harry, Hagrid still got Harry into a magical school without any bureaucratic procedure, and he even attacked their son.

When Harry wants to visit Hogsmeade, getting his uncle’s signature on the permission slip is very important. However, Harry leaves the school grounds against his legal guardian’s permission or without their knowledge, such as when spending holidays with the Weasley family or going to different places with Dumbledore, which proves how inconsistent the laws are. Magical Society.

Harry was the only student with glasses

Harry’s glasses are an iconic part of his character. They have even become an icon in Harry Potter Books and movies. However, Harry seems to be the only young man who needs this help, although there are other older characters who wear glasses, such as Dumbledore or McGonagall.

On top of that, it’s unbelievable that Harry needs glasses. In a world where people can live over 600 years (Nicolas Flamel) and regrow their bones (like Harry did in the second book), it makes no sense that there isn’t a spell to fix these problems.

Although Harry was technically already an adult when Lupine asked him to be his son’s godfather, he had not yet graduated from school. Basically, a responsibility given to him when he was a child, it’s one of the things that make less sense. Harry Potter.

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At this point, Harry was already left with the responsibility of facing one of the most powerful wizards in history, with the help of two other young men. On top of that, at a time when so many people were dying, Lupine had given Harry the responsibility of taking care of his son if anything happened to him. Luckily, Tong’s mother, Andromeda, had the common sense to raise Teddy on her own or Harry would have been a single dad at 17.

Dumbledore is the true villain of the books

Even if Vernon and Petunia weren’t good legal guardians, Harry was never going to die while in Harry’s charge. However, Harry faced countless life and death situations under Dumbledore’s protection, and ultimately, Dumbledore was going to sacrifice Harry to defeat Voldemort.

The way witches treat children makes no sense. Even if Vernon wasn’t a good guardian, Dumbledore seems to have been worse. On top of that, even though the Dursleys were horrible to Harry, Dumbledore let them go for almost 17 years, one of his Bad actions in Harry Potter Books.

Veritaserum is only when it’s convenient

Most layers Harry Potter Readers will cringe if they consider the presence of Veritaserum. If Dumbledore had inquired under the influence of this potion if anyone had been after the Philosopher’s Stone, Sirius would not have gone to prison and Dumbledore would have known who put Harry’s name on the Goblet of Fire. For example.

Although this potion was extremely difficult to make, it was incredible that the Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore didn’t have any of it when they needed it. The fact that witches even imprison people without using Veritaserum proves how careless they are.


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