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With release Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon The franchise is back at the forefront of the gaming world. Players once again take part in a catch-all quest as they travel through Baltia. With new Pokemon, new Gym Leaders, and new enemies, the franchise once again delivers everything fans want.

Of course, there are some things that the fanbase will be upset about. when Pokemon A series of games with some incredible variety, fans have valid reviews of the games, and it’s worth examining them to see which areas could still be improved.

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Johto was used less

A scene from the Pokémon Journeys anime from the town of Ecruteak

Despite Johto One of the best regions Pokemon, the series has greatly reduced its importance by devoting itself entirely to Kanto and often neglecting Johto. The series fits a beautiful and traditional landscape, and its Pokemon are fun in their own right, though they often don’t appear enough.

“It’s ridiculous to me how so many areas in Johto are so underutilized,” says a Reddit user. NVD6432. While Kanto and the other regions were given the chance to really flourish and stand out in their own way, Johto never got the chance, which is severely disappointing.

Older games are unbalanced

Fuchsia City Gym in Pokemon Red and Blue

The new one has a common refrain Pokemon The games are very easy. While many say this is a result of the players getting older, the reality is very different. “The only reason old games are ‘hard’ is because they’re stupidly unbalanced with random RNG thrown all over the place,” says Reddit user d3rpyXpenguin. “Pokemon It was always easy, and it always will be.”

too Great gym leaders They relied on the RNG to decide which moves to use, which made them incredibly unpredictable and annoying to counter. Now that the RNG is perfected, the games are more consistent and enjoyable.

Mega evolutions don’t work

Mega Slowbro, Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Ampharos and Mega Pinsir in front of the Mega Evolution icon

To revive some old characters, Pokemon Introducing Mega Evolution. when Many Kanto Pokemon needed a new evolution“Making mega evolutions is a terrible idea,” says the redditor trrnrlogan. “They were generally like much tougher versions of the base Pokemon.”

Mega Evolutions completely unbalance the game as already powerful characters are given power beyond belief. To make matters worse, it’s also very resource-intensive, as it means creating new forms for old Pokemon rather than spending time on new and inventive characters.

Pseudo-legendary designs are lazy

Ash's flying dragonite in the Pokemon anime

There are some incredibly powerful Pokemon that will leave fans scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly why they aren’t considered legendaries. Compared to some lesser legendariesPokemon like Dragonite deserve intervention.

“It really bothers me that most of them are dragon-types,” says the redditor Raisin Mmm. “I understand that dragons are very powerful and all, but I want more of them to be unique, like Metacross.” This makes the designs feel incredibly lazy, and players get the impression that uninvented creators only thought dragons were powerful.

Rare content for adults

Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Lugia.

Children who played early Pokemon Games are now adults. While many still love the series, there is no way to enjoy the content aimed at a much larger audience. Games that focus on them can have dark themes that open up Pokemon universe.

“I would totally get behind a series rated PG-13 or ‘R,'” says the redditor. flashdash007. A dark one Pokemon The story can explore heavy themes such as Mewtwo’s existence or tragic backstories like Cubone. Even a horror game focuses Pokemon with awesome designs May be unusual.

Most legendary Pokemon are useless

Pokemon Cafe Remix introduces the legendary Pokemon Victini

Mythical Pokemon are incredibly rare and are often viewed as little more than myth. Although important to the world PokemonThey rarely play any real role in the story, and are rarely anything more than slightly interesting collectibles.

“All legendary Pokemon after Gen 4 (except for Gensect, Keldeo, and Hoopa) are completely pointless and contribute nothing to Pokemon lore other than being rare,” says a Reddit user. Kuchipatsi-fruit. too The strongest legendary Pokemon Don’t contribute practically anything, it’s dull for creatures that should be essential.

Trade-based evolutions are annoying

The Pokémon TCG had to get creative with Alakazam cards without its full evolution line.

Not every Pokemon The player has friends who are in the series, and many can only buy one game. Trade-based evolutions assume otherwise. “Full access to single-player game content is impossible without the Internet or two games and consoles,” says a Reddit user. Calmens.

Since many fans are children, it’s not fair to have many games or friends interested in the series. The series is perfect for those who love single player modes, which is why these evolutions aren’t perfect. It unnecessarily restricts players in little ways to challenge them as gamers.

Gen 1 designs can be weak

The The best Pokemon from Gen 1 Unique designs were presented with attractive elements such as Eevee’s evolutions or Scythe’s scale. Others can easily bore fans, and many characters with uninteresting looks are part of the reason fans overlook them.

“A lot of the ideas/designs for gen 1 pokemon are just as lazy and boring as some of the newer designs,” says Reddit user KlutzyNinjaKitty. “Grimer and Muk are just slimes, Voltorb and Electrode are just balls. Butterfree is like a butterfly.” The franchise has been a problem since its inception for fans who try to argue that the issues with the designs are new.

The Mystery Gift is not an achievement

Pokemon BDSP: Every Active Mystery Gift Code (December 2021)

While some Legendary Pokemon can be obtained through difficult challenges or critical moments, newer games offer those Pokemon without any effort. It takes away from the achievement of the catch, making it less impressive overall.

“I don’t like the fact that the Legendaries given by the Mystery Gift are given to you without any event or fanfare. In the old days you were given an item and had to go to a specific area to capture the Legend.” Redditor says Monsicorn. Pokemon is about fanfare, so removing that element takes away from the series.

The trainer AI is not smart enough

Pikachu VMAX (Trainer Gallery) - Pokemon TCG: Last Origin.

AI is an essential part of any game. Each ally and enemy will rely on artificial intelligence, making it a perfect challenge for players and other NPCs. Still AI’s Pokemon Far from top-of-the-line. For such successful ownership PokemonIt should be better.

“The trainer AI needs a serious overhaul. In my experience many difficult battles are made easier because the NPC takes a useless move three times in a row instead of trying to finish off your pokemon,” says the Redditor. A durable sword. Matches are mostly won by the occasional atrocious AI decision-making, rather than any player developing their skills.

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