Anakin Skywalker’s 10 Worst Pre-Vader Quotes

I see Anakin and Ahsoka training together again Tales of the Jedi A bitter watch. It’s great to see them together, but it’s hard to know what will happen to them when Anakin falls to the dark side. That fall isn’t sudden, it’s been teased and built up over the years of his life, and there are many moments in his life when he reveals his inner darkness.

Along with some brutal moments, Anakin has had many bad quotes before His transformation into Darth VaderMany of them are coming Clone Wars And all of them further foreshadow the once great tragic fall Star WarsHero.

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“If I had my way, I’d kill you right here.”

Clone Wars, 4.15 ‘Cheating’

In The Clone Wars, Anakin and Ahsoka arrest Rao Hardin

Just because Anakin’s one streak or moment is bad and borders on evil doesn’t mean his feelings aren’t justified at times. One such moment was his rage when Rago arrested Hardin for Obi-Wan’s murder.

Fortunately for Rago, Anakin kept Obi-Wan’s memory close enough to keep him from murdering the culprit. However, the delivery of this line and the belief that Anakin could kill the man instilled in the audience made it one of his most infamous pre-Vader quotes.

“I know I’ve gone too far; it’s just… it just snapped something inside of me.”

Clone Wars, 6.06 ‘The Rise of Clovis’

Anakin Throws Rush Clovis from Padme Amidala in Star Wars The Clone Wars

It’s probably a good thing that Anakin recognizes what he’s done wrong, and something snaps inside him. Whether he admits it or not, the darkness within Anakin remains a deadly beast.

Why he attacked Clovis is understandable, but Anakin murdering the statesman with his bare hands is an unforgivable act that shows the depth of Anakin’s emotional weakness. He is almost sympathetic in this quote, as if he doesn’t really understand his own emotions. That lack of understanding, it’s scary, can (and did) lead to more violence and hurt. What’s more poignant is that Anakin could have used this as a turning point to become more aware of his inner darkness. Turn from the dark side path.

“Zigarian scum! I’ll deal with that slave.”

The Clone Wars, 4.11 ‘Kidnapped’

Mirage Sindel is the slave of the Gigarian queen in Clone Wars

Anakin’s childhood in slavery is one of the most tragic elements of his character, so it’s hard to blame him for warming to the views of the Gigarians. Yet the intent and fury here reveal more of his deep-rooted emotional issues.

The fact that the Imperial March plays menacingly behind this moment only adds to the ominous feeling of the moment. On top of that, Anakin sounds like he’d rather go and kill Gigerion instead of finding out the location and security status of the Togruda people, and that series of violence will rear its ugly head again and again.

“Mercy never defeats an enemy, Master. That’s why you’re going to lose.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi, ‘Part V’

Obi-Wan and Anakin fight in flashback

One of the pleasant surprises Obi-Wan Kenobi Flashback scenes in Episode 5 show Anakin in a training battle with Obi-Wan, where he says this line, again highlighting his penchant for brutality.

Kindness is a virtue that Jedi practice and should try to show in most situations, even with evil enemies. Even in this training situation, Anakin’s indifference is troubling, as he shows a willingness to defeat his enemies through evil and excessive violence, however necessary.

“He’s jealous, he’s holding onto me!”

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)

Anakin and Obi-Wan talk in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

Attack of the Clones It may be known for its cringe-inducing dialogue, but it should also be remembered for Anakin’s critical emotional upheaval that led to many of Vader’s greatest and worst pre-Vader quotes.

One such line is spoken of by Obi-Wan. The way Anakin makes such cruel accusations against someone he truly loves is a great way to show how he can be overcome by rage and how he often struggles to control his inner darkness and emotion. leading to his downfall.

“What? He’s going to blow up the ship.”

Clone Wars, 2.13 ‘Wage of Temptation’

Anakin stabs Thal Merik to death in The Clone Wars

Anakin can often be frightening in his anger or how upset he can be, and sometimes when he’s not angry (especially in retrospect) he’s downright nasty. A perfect example is when he kills Tal Merik.

Anakin kills Merrick more easily than trying to disarm him, and his “What?” indicating that he saw nothing wrong with it. Anakin is right to stop Merrick, but the ease with which he does so and his disinterest in taking life can be seen as one of his worst pre-Vader moments.

“Mind tricks? I don’t need mind tricks to make you talk.”

Clone Wars, 2.08 ‘Brain Invaders’

Anakin investigates and the Force chokes Lesser in the Clone Wars

When those he loved—Obi-Wan, Padme, Ahsoka, Ordu—were hurt or in danger, Anakin became a different animal, exhibiting a dangerous ferocity that foreshadowed his fall to the dark side. His trial of Poggle the Lesser was one such moment.

It’s another moment haunted by hints of the Imperial March, and everything from Anakin’s purposeful walk to his “Leave us alone” to the clones evokes dread. The line, broken by a punch to the face from Boggle, is one of his scariest, partly because it’s spoken more than anger, and Anakin is willing to do anything to extract information from the Geonosian.

“One day I will become the best Jedi ever. I will learn how to stop people from dying.”

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)

Anakin talks to Padmé about the Sand People he slaughtered and tells her that he will be the best Jedi in Attack of the Clones.

Anakin’s most significant goals/crippling fears of saving those he loves from death come from a place of love, not just fear; However, that doesn’t stop him from threatening when he talks about them.

The ambition that goes hand in hand with his quest to defy death in this quote is the truly sinister part. Being better and better than everyone else to achieve his goals is the antithesis of what a Jedi does. Anakin had a good heart, but it was buried under fear, and it distorted and turned into hatred, anger, and entitlement, and it was pouring out of him at this point.

“I have no such weaknesses.”

The Clone Wars, 7.04 ‘Unfinished Business’

Anakin with his lightsaber drawn up to Admiral Trench in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Seventh season Clone Wars A sight to behold bringing Anakin closer to him is a stunning affair Revenge of the Sith see It went a step further by bringing him closer to the dark side in his brutal killing of Admiral Trench.

Here is the bad side of the word choice – “weakness.” Calling mercy, compassion, legal/proper ways of keeping the peace and being a Jedi a weakness is quite a thing and shows how close Anakin was to the edge. He is one A Jedi who doesn’t usually follow the rules, but this was far from over. It was as if he saw himself above those things. Following up this quote by murdering Trench made it all the more poignant.

“I killed them, I killed them all.”

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)

Anakin killed a tribe of Tuscan raiders in Star Wars

Anakin does a few bad things before falling to Darth Vader. However, the unrepentant slaughter of the Sand People villagers who captured his mother was extremely gruesome and unforgivable.

The act itself was terrifying, and this quote is a constant, painful reminder of what this young man is capable of. This is a perfect example of Anakin being blinded by his own uncontrolled emotions. Knowing what he’s about to do as Darth Vader, the atrocities he commits make his slaughter of the Tusken Raiders even worse.

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