Fandom’s 10 Most Wanted Horror Characters of 2022

Warning: Below are some major spoilers for some of 2022’s horror releases. Proceed with caution.

It doesn’t matter if it’s scary season or not, horror fans are obsessed with carnage-filled content all year long. Yes, every season is spine-chilling these days and multiplexes are always ready to bring back an iconic horror property.

Halloween is over and return scream (After an absence of more than a decade) prompted many of our fandom’s best quests for movie screens. Horror Wiki Last year, but let’s take a look at the full top 10 for horror movie characters, because there are sure to be a few surprises. Like ghosts and maniacs who haven’t had a new movie in years – or decades! – still ranks high.

We’ve got new scary stories from horror celebrities like Michael Myers, Chucky (via season 2 of his TV series), and ghost face 2022 but others stand out because we have them No I have seen them through the ages. It shows that being an important, integral part of horror history means something more!

Here are 2022 Fandom’s Most Wanted Horror Characters.

Rounding out the top 10 is Pazuzu, the ancient Mesopotamian “King of the Wind Demons,” an evil entity that holds poor youths. Reagan MacNeil In 1973 Exorcist. Why is this horrible dude from fifty years ago so popular in 2022? ok, Exorcist Obviously an all-time favorite horror classic. Now David Gordon Green follows him Halloween A trilogy with a classic sequel decades later Exorcist Will open in 2023It’s gotten a decent amount of coverage, especially when Greene mentions it in the press Halloween is over.

Pazuzu was an important component The Exorcist II As well as two pilot films in 2004 and 2005 and The Short-lived Fox TV series In recent years. More recently, the survival horror game, Gray HouseReleased in October 2021, it may have sparked even more interest in 2022 as there is a collector’s edition of the game, the Pazuzu Edition.

Or maybe it’s all about wrestling AEW Star Tannhausen From the beginning there is a face mask based on Pazuzu’s appearance Exorcist Movie. No matter what, people have got cow fever!

As with Pazuzu, here’s another surprising find. Creepy-looking Reverend Kane Poltergeist II And III The ninth most searched horror character of the year! Appreciated Poltergeist Its sequels, the 1990s television series (with little connection to the films), a Restarted in 2015And a broken promise made again in 2019 Russo Brothers For another reboot. It’s not as if it hasn’t been, in some way, or has been a frequent topic of conversation in the past.

But in 2022, other than the release of new t-shirts and other merchandise, there’s been little to no sightings from the property, and Kane — while well-received in lesser series — isn’t generally thought of as the first installment in the series. , though it is notable that he is ultimately identified as the embodiment of evil at the core of the franchise. Also, you may all be like the evil predecessors of old.

You can’t be a scream Movie without Neve Campbells Sydney (Well, not until 2023 Scream VI At least, it’ll be nav-free) and for 2022 Ghostface relaunched the Facer as a new package. Woodsboro Led by a teenage, former psycho boyfriend Billy LoomisDaughter, savaged by a new killer.

All this time, there is Sydney was The scream The franchise, as Ghostface, was always after her for various reasons, no matter who they were at any given time. New scream Sidney wasn’t a full target for the first time, but that didn’t stop fans from reading his entire history, which began in 1996. scream. Whether she fights lovers, brothers, mothers, or others, Sydney is the most successful finalist of all time, leaving a trail of dead ghostly faces in her wake.

Second season Chucky Brought in Glenn and Teenage versions GlendaSukki and the actress have human-born children Jennifer Tilly – and then actually possessed by whom Tiffany, starring Jennifer Tilly IRL. (This series is wild!) Yes, the two offspring who started out as an same-sex doll named Glenn were separated twins who had no memory of their past lives in doll(s) form except during dreams.

See how bonkers this is? No wonder when Lachlan Watson The 2022 run featured both Glenn and Glenda playing Chucky, people want to catch up on all things Glenn. Especially those who haven’t seen 2004 Chucky seedGlenn was actually last seen in this decade-long story.

Lachlan Watson as Glenn and Glenda in ‘Chucky’ Season 2

Glenn and Glenda especially appeared in the Meta extension Chucky This year, use the surprise party as a distraction for free Nick From their mother’s warped grasp. These two are the funniest and most fascinating part of the franchise’s 35-year history, and it’s no wonder readers want to know everything they can about them.

2022s scream It saw three legacy stars return to pass the torch to a new generation. But from longtime Ghostface survivors Sydney, AskAnd Dewey, the only one who didn’t return from the battlefield this time.

Most notably, Han Solo/ The Force Awakens A genre role among traditional actors, David ArquetteDewey Riley, a former sheriff turned deputy, is a fan-favorite alumnus of the scream– AIDS. Dewey was an integral part of the previous four scream movies and his time had finally come (after surviving several nasty life-threatening stabbings over the years, mind you). Sir, it is was An honor.

It makes perfect sense why Larry Strode would have a solid spot on this list. Surely, Jamie Lee Curtis He had reprized the role in others Halloween Series ahead of David Gordon’s big 2018 comeback on the greens HalloweenBut this time he’s stuck with three consecutive movies, and Laurie promises to bring the entire saga to a brutal conclusion.

So Jamie Lee is back in full force, going toe-to-toe with Michael Myers in a way she doesn’t want Halloween Murders — the two never shared a scene — fans were studying the versatile Ms. Strode. Also, considering how Larry was in the 1998s Halloween H20 (And was killed lamely Halloween: Resurrection) yet many readers may have wanted to sort out the different timelines, as this new trilogy is a Different Many years later – Larry Strode than appeared H20. All in all, a good year for a character who set the template for the slasher film Final Girls.

scream 2022 is back in a big way, and while you might think Ghostface would have been the most sought-after “character” of the series in fandom, remember that Ghostface was never a person. He is the costume that assassins wear to hide their identity. That’s why Billy Loomis, one of the two original Ghostfaces in the original 1996 movie, made the top 5, especially as an actor. Scheidt Ulrich A big surprise for the character in 2022 scream.

The latest scream Term, Billy’s daughter, Sam CarpenterActed Melissa Barrera, who not only became the target of the latest Ghostface(s), but also took center stage as the inheritor of his father’s insanity. One of Sam’s most overlooked traits? Seeing visions of her dead dad (which many of you in the fandom have searched for), giving her psychic advice. Yes, Ulrich’s return pleased die-hard fans of the Scream series.

This may be the most confusing of the list (in terms of suitability and placement). The Boy Ownership is certainly not at the same level A Nightmare on Elm Street Movies (you will see…). Yes, the sequel isn’t that long ago — in 2020, just before Covid shuts down theaters — but still, it’s very focused. Brahms Healshire.

For those who haven’t seen either children Pictures – that The Boy And Brahms: The Boy II – Brahms is an assassin who wears a porcelain doll-style mask to hide his charred face. The first film did well at the box office Boy II Not doing so well (again, it was released in February 2020). As for the 2022 news, series director William Brent Bell mentioned that a third is possible during an interview in August. boy The film completes the trilogy.

Are we dreaming? A Nightmare on Elm StreetFreddy Krueger making waves as second most sought after horror role in 2022? It stands out because there is nothing new about it bad dream plan this year, but nothing is currently in the works as the series has been disappointingly inactive. There was even an upcoming one Friday the 13th called the preamble sequence Crystal Lakefrom Hannibals Brian FullerAnnounced in 2022, still Freddy’s old nemesis Jason Voorhees Not breaking these rankings.

Why is Freddy here? It’s because of the OG Freddy Final Girl Heather Langenkamp Made his most high-profile appearance in years with Netflix Midnight Club? Or eternal Freddy love? The last appearance of the Springwood Slasher was in the 2010 reboot, where he starred Jackie Earle Haley (The first time Freddy was portrayed by someone else Robert England) So it’s been over a decade. Since Michael Myers is from the same 1970s-80s era, you’d think he’d be here. Freddie is an all-timer, right?

Well, of course! Michael Myers, AKA The Shape, has had a big year, so what’s the final movie? David Gordon GreenA series of trilogy, Halloween is over, arriving with a ton of fanfare. While the film took some big creative swings, it left audiences split down the middle — just as Michael split his on-screen killing duties. Corey Cunningham – Of all the other horror characters from Fandom’s wikis, Michael Myers was still the most loved madman. Maybe this time he actually met his end and we’ll never see him in a movie again. Ha, just kidding. Nothing can stop this mask Haddonfield hell dweller

Although there was a mixed-negative reception to Halloween is over, Double M topped this list as the most searched slicer ever. We should also mention that Halloween is over The thirteenth represents Halloween The film makes this franchise, even with all its fragmented timelines, the greatest of the slasher-boom era.

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