Riri Williams’ next Ironheart armor will break the trend of an MCU Iron Man

with Iron heart Set to continue the tradition iron man In the MCU, there is one major form of his predecessor that he has yet to follow. Throughout the long history of the MCU, Tony Stark has constantly upgraded Iron Man suits, making sure he always has the tools for the job. With each version, the Iron Man suit has been improved in some way, showcasing the latest innovations that Tony has brought to bear to combat the latest villains threatening Earth. It’s a method that defines Tony’s genius and talent for preparation. It’s also a pattern that Ironheart is willing to break.

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When Riri Williams left Wakanda, she did so without her new and improved Ironheart armor. That means moviegoers can expect to see a new version of Riri’s armor in her next outing. However, even though it is new, it may not be fully optimized. Circumstances Creation of Riri’s second suit to fight the villain, Namor certainly had room to expand its capabilities. However, the actual resources Riri will have when making her next armor will be nothing like what she had when making the previous one. However, breaking that trend could actually be a good thing for Ironheart in the long run.

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Riri won’t have the same resources for the next Ironheart suit

Image of Riri Williams in Ironheart MCU Mark II armor

In the end Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it was reported that Riri would not be allowed to take her new Ironheart costume with her to America. At first, it may seem strange that the original Captain America’s shield, the new Captain America’s wings, and Bucky’s new arm were all made of vibranium. however, Ironheart wears vibranium And created in a state-of-the-art Wakandan laboratory with advanced technology built beyond access to anyone else on Earth. Shuri is very wary of the risk of that technology falling into enemy hands. That case justifies the decision to stay in Wakanda.

This means that Riri’s costume will not be made from vibranium. This is already a significant blow to the case as a whole. So far, vibranium is the most powerful metal introduced to the MCU, making the next suit unlikely to be too tough. On top of that, the suit won’t be manufactured in the most technologically advanced lab on the planet. when Shuri stays in touch with Riri, her new status ensures that she won’t be able to help Riri much in another outfit. After all, the original suit was designed with Wakandan interests in mind.

Riri’s next suit will be even more diverse

Namor Wakanda is strong forever

On a note of those Wakandan interests, the nature of Riri’s second Ironheart suit means her third will certainly be more varied. The second Ironheart suit was designed for a more specific purpose, defeating Namor. The suit actually fulfilled a storytelling function that Iron Man himself rarely gets to use, making it adapt to unique situations. In this case, the suit contained a weapon designed to dehydrate Namor and weaken him, giving Shuri an advantage. There were remaining operations of the case Standard Iron Man tricks, aircraft and repellents etc. Nothing too special.

Without a specific threat and time limit to act as a trigger to create the next Ironheart suit, Riri is unrestricted in its creation. She can add all kinds of gadgets and functions to the suit that have never been seen in the MCU. Iron Man had an army of unique suits at his disposal Iron Man 3But none of them is shown to have acted against the things to be opposed, and his prima facie case has never been placed in sufficiently different scenarios to show that those acts were added to it.

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Riri Breaking Iron Man’s pattern is good for her

Iron Heart MCU Riri Williams

If Riri The next Ironhard suit breaks the Iron Man trend Each successive shield was better than the last, and then it helped to further fend off the more persistent criticism that was often thrown her way as a “Mary Sue.” The term is nebulous at this point, often used incorrectly or without much consideration. However, during her comic book debut, Riri was criticized by some for being too flawless and good at what she did. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, as Riri is egotistical and needed Tony Stark’s direct guidance to create her first good Ironheart suit, whereas her initial attempt was rubbish.

The next dress may be equal to or worse than her last dress. Ironheart’s next appearance continues another Iron Man trend, shows the character’s ability to grow and improve. At the same time, his next appearance may reveal the ego that serves as one of the character’s biggest flaws in the comics, which hasn’t had time to show up. Wakanda forever. Riri Williams is going to be a part of the next generation of MCU with her appearance Armored warfare And Iron heartAnd the possibility of her breaking one Iron men Long strands are a good sign of his character.

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