Star Wars: The Terrifying History of the ISB Within the Empire

The Imperial Defense Bureau has long been a feared system in Star Wars The universe has been expanding since its earliest days. A rough analogy in many ways to the real-world Gestapo from Nazi Germany, the Imperial Security Bureau worked to root out spies and dissent. EmpireIt does what it can to prevent the spread Rebellion Make sure the empire lasts forever.

Here comes our first glimpse of ISB A new hopewhen Wolf Yleren Appeared on board in his striking white uniform Death Star. We also saw ISB working on the show Star Wars RebelsBut thanks for the new one Disney+ program Andor, We get an inside look at the bureaucracy and the inner workings of the secret police Emperor Sheev Palpatine Like we never have before.

Let’s take a look at the history of the system as we know it, and what we can learn as we continue to look Andor.


Campaign poster for COMPNOR

“How can an emperor have control without a bureaucracy?” – General Casio tag

To begin with, it is helpful to understand where the Imperial Security Bureau sits within the Imperial bureaucracy, and that leads us straight. COMPNOR. COMPNOR stands for Commission for the Preservation of the New Order and was first created Republic. When Palpatine became Emperor, its name changed and became a tool used by Palpatine to shape public perception of the Empire and how it functions.

COMPNOR was responsible for a large-scale campaign and had various subsidiaries under which different functions were carried out. Some of their sub-groups include Imperial Office of CustomsThe Alliance for ProgressAnd, even worse, the Imperial Security Bureau.

Everything COMPNOR did, be it customs or trade, was in service of keeping the Empire at the top of the hierarchy in the galaxy, with Sheev Palpatine as its current leader. Most of COMPNOR was completely benign and benevolent in the galaxy, but due to its underbelly of undercover work, the entire system was rife with corruption that permeated the Empire.

Early days of ISB

ISB mentioned in ‘A New Hope’

In the early days of the Imperial Security Bureau, they were a small agency whose tasks included dismissal and elimination. Separatist Ships and war surpluses ensure that they pose no threat to the new order. In those early days, they were tasked with rooting out pockets of dissent and dangerous ideas across the galaxy, even to the point of “disappearing” seditious artists. Major branches developed within the ISB. The Enforcement Division works to support ISB’s field agents as they do their dark work. By the time the Empire ended and the ISB was disbanded, the Investigations Branch was the second largest department within the system and was tasked with extracting information from species across the galaxy. New order.

It was a huge field monitoring, a mission to ask the entire galaxy. The Re-education The department focused on brainwashing opposition to the Empire. Internal affairs It was also an important part of the ISB, looking to root out sedition from within – an ISB agent was stationed at each location along with the Internal Affairs Division. Star Destroyer In the navy to keep track of things. The Investigations Division is what we see most Andor, As they look for signs of insurgent activity, they seek information with the aim of suppressing it.

Loyal officers

Loyalist Udra

Loyal officers Within the ranks of the Imperial Security Bureau, they were assigned to units and ships across the galaxy to investigate treason within the Empire’s ranks. One such loyalty officer Sinjir Rath VelasWhose story is documented Chuck Wendigs Consequence Books. Velus was stopped EnderSupervising all the troops belonging to the group Shield generator Guard station The second death star. Valus participated in all sorts of tortures and trials on behalf of the Empire, but eventually left when the rebels won. Battle of Endor.

Others, like fanatics Emer Ottkrek, a mobile listening station for the ISB was stationed aboard the Star Destroyers on each ship. They reported directly to the ISB and could prosecute anyone within their jurisdiction for simple violations of conduct and outright treason.


Wolf Yularan on the Death Star

Probably the most popular officer in the Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wolf Yleren. Yularan got his start Republic Navy and fought alongside individualism Anakin Skywalker In The Clone Wars. After the end of that conflict and the creation of the Empire, Palpatine personally asked him to leave Imperial Navy And join ISB. He changed positions Admiral The colonel was first tasked with finding disloyalty Imperial Senate himself. This is not surprising Mon Mothma Inside Andor She fears the net closing around her as someone like Colonel Yularan sniffs out everything she does to keep the rebels from benefiting.

Yularan worked closely with the infamous Thrown away as well as in his attempt to match wits against and ultimately destroy the rebel agent Nightswan. Later, the team will combine the best of the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Security Bureau to do their best to uncover the secret agent’s identity. Fulcrum. Fulcrum was giving information to the rebels and causing problems for the ISB and had to be stopped.

Eventually, Euleran met his fate aboard the Death Star when the Rebels failed to destroy it.

Agent Kallus and the Rebel Hunters

Agent Kallus is a rebel spy
Agent Kallus

The main function of the Imperial Security Bureau is to fight against the constant fires of insurrection across the galaxy. One of the most efficient agents in ISB in this job Alexander Kallus, Colonel Yularan’s personal bodyguard. He fought back I saw Gerra and his partisans Onderonwas on hand for genocide Lasat people, and hunted the rebels for a year Phoenix Force. Eventually, he saw too much of the atrocities and atrocities he committed in the name of the Empire, and he knew he could no longer be in the Imperial Security Bureau.

As a double agent, he was hunted relentlessly while still inside the ISB structure, but used the organization’s bureaucracy to his advantage to remain as hidden as he could. What Kallus has learned is that anyone who dares to become a double agent from within an ISP needs to be careful. The ISB was ruthless in its pursuit of spies, often killing them.

Kallus was one of the lucky ones who escaped the clutches of the Imperial Security Bureau and joined the Rebels in their fight against the Empire. After the war, he made his way Lira Chan He should be forgiven for his role in the genocide of Lasat.

Andorera of

ISB at their conference table on Coruscant
ISP on Coruscant

On the ISB initiative Andor, Let us see how these various fields work and how they work. It seems that Tetra Mero Works on investigations, takes all data available to him from surveillance, internal reports and investigations. Blevin, her rival, works at the same level, but is more interested in saving her job than doing any real work to protect the empire. Both report Major Bartakaswho supervises the unit and reports to Euleren.

As they work within their system, it’s fascinating to see how they play for power and even have to watch each other’s backs. Internal affairs can be heard at any time. The ISB put many in jail, but they might as well have built a jail for themselves.

New chapters Andor Launches Wednesdays on Disney+. See more about ISB at Wookieepedia.

There are worse places to visit than to read more about the structure of the Imperial Security Bureau Star Wars: The Imperial SourcebookPublished by West End Games In 1989. Although the book is firmly rooted legends of Star WarsIt is cited as a key resource for the product team behind it Andor Behind this insidious system they reveal the new canon.

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