The New Black Panther and M’Baku walk the streets of Disney’s Avengers complex

Last Friday was opening day Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. However, at the same time he appeared on screen, the Disneyland Resort audience California Adventure Park in Anaheim, CA witnessed the debut of a new Black Panther Avengers Complex.

At various points of the day, the The new Black Panther Visitors can be seen above through the Avengers headquarters found on campus, but he simply moved among the guests, stopping to pose for photos and sign autographs for excited fans. And she’s not the only one Wakanda forever You currently have the opportunity to communicate.

Since then Opening summer 2021Avengers Campus offers a lot of synergy with the new ones MCU Releases including live introductions of characters like Moon Night, Mighty Thor, Ms. MarvelAnd Werewolf by Night As they are first seen in their respective films, series or specials. But WAganda forever The theme park has more tie-ins than any new MCU project since the land opened, Michael Serna (Executive Director of Disney Live Entertainment) by Design said while speaking to reporters on the opening day of the new experiences.

Planning ahead

A young guest meets Black Panther at the Avengers compound

Serna noted that they are looking at what they can do Wakanda forever Basically from the beginning. “Once the movie was announced, knowing that the campus was already open, we thought, ‘How are we going to coordinate this?’ known will be large. So we wanted to think about how our experiences on campus were going to play out [these characters]Or we should change them, etc.”

When it came to the details, Serna explained, “In the last six months, more information about the film has come to light. We know who Black Panther is going to be; Those kinds of things were obvious to us. It allowed us to shape how we were going to approach this.”

As for their priorities, Serna said, “Obviously, [having] A new Black Panther and someone taking up that mantle is important to the film and it’s going to be important to us. The ability to provide that to our guests is very important because we want to stay relevant, stay up-to-date here on campus and stay fresh about what you see in movies and series. So we know that’s at the top of our list. And then what’s left is the wonderful things we can add and find ways to make it even richer and continue to tell the Wakanda story that we want to tell on our campus.

Jabari time

M’Baku made his debut in the Avengers compound in Disney California Adventure

A Black Panther exists in the Avengers compound T’Challa As Black Panther but also through The Dora Milajewith OKAY And his forces were featured Warriors of Wakanda presentation. Dora continues to appear in this manner – I saw them on this same visit – but now there is another powerful figure Wakanda Via Avengers Complex M’BakuHis Disney Parks debut.

M’Baku appeared during a presentation called The Way of the Jabari, and as he made his way through the Avengers compound to the Quad at its center, he explained the philosophy of the Jabari and called for volunteers. It was a very funny and impressive performance by the actor who plays him to help him explain their connection with the animals.

Asked about bringing M’Baku to the Avengers complex, Serna admitted with a smile, explaining that it was a personal motivation for him to do so, “I loved M’Baku in the first movie. We usually brought in Okoye and the Dora Milaje, and I thought ‘What’s the balance of that? What kind of energy is different?’ And M’Baku was such a huge figure in the first film. I basically went back to the studio and said, ‘So, what do you think about us doing this?’ And they said, ‘Yes, 100%.’ And when I saw the film, I went, ‘Whoa, I wonder why they actually got into it.’

Serna added, “I love comedy and I love Jibari’s spirit. They are a tribe that is not so much about organic things Vibranium And digging personally about the future and reality [staying] Fundamentally, it’s very different from other Wakandans.”

Black Panther appears during The Way of the Jabari presentation introduced by M’Baku

With this look, Serna said, “We wanted to get a sense of why the Jabaris are the way they are. So this will give you some experience about Jabari tribe and what is their importance. The Dorja Milaje experience is about how you gain inner strength as an individual, Jabari is about how you become stronger as a group? How does a family and tribe make you strong? How does that group aspect make you a superhero in your own way?”

Plenty for everyone

The Dora Milaje Avengers regularly hold training sessions on campus

M’Baku continues an approach to Avengers Campus that isn’t a standard meet-and-greet photo, which suits the large number of heroes who appear there. Serna said they felt from the beginning that guests who love Marvel heroes “want to train with them, hang out with them and do things with the heroes, which is a different approach for us.” The aim, he says, “is to make sure it’s active and not just a ‘show’ or something you watch from afar, but actually a part of it.”

New Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The park’s offerings coincide with California Adventure’s annual Festival of the Holidays celebration, which includes popular kiosks serving food inspired by a multitude of different cultures and destinations. Although not technically part of the event, a holiday-style food kiosk called Flavors of Wakanda has also opened in California Adventure, a Hollywood backlot area outside the Avengers complex. The offerings there include a very tasty groundnut stew called maffe and a peri-peri chicken dish (which was perfect), along with themed drinks.

You can find a Wakandan fried pork wrap Shawarma Palace on Avengers Campus, and collectibles like Shuri’s gauntlet drink holder and a mega-sized Wakandan-themed Coke can — augmented by Pym particles, naturally — at those food outlets. This is the number one spot for new Wakandan Forever merch, including t-shirts, bags, and Mickey ears, because, come on, there’s no way the new merchandise isn’t coming.

There is also an area named The Black Panther Celebration Garden, which features a large panther statue head and pillars covered in Wakandan language writing. Serna gave us a clue as to what the four pillars surrounding the leopard head statue were. T’Challa, Shuri, RamondaAnd D’SacchaAlthough there are many other writings in this area that remain to be translated.

the future

If you visit the Black Panther Celebration Gardens at the Avengers complex, you can see a notable person at night.

Serna admitted that there are times when they have to act fast and incorporate something from the movies or the show, though it’s been a concern of late. “Sometimes they surprise us with some things that come up at the last minute without us knowing, and then we have a quick chat together to figure out if there’s anything we can do there? But the team at the studio and the Disney+ team are now very aware that we all want to achieve this goal of having something immediately relevant. So they come to us much earlier. When we first started, it was a little bit like, ‘Oh, yeah, sure, we can do a thing…’ But now they’re jumping on us and saying, ‘Oh, hey, in a few months, here it is. This is.’”

Although he didn’t mention what work the Avengers complex will have for upcoming MCU projects The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, The MarvelsAnd Secret InvasionCerna, “WThere is a large timeline. We’ve got the whole next year mapped out for us. (I suggested it to Serna Daredevil Appeared in his new gold and red outfit She is the Hulk It’ll be fun… hey, you never know!)

Officially, the Wakanda forever Experiences end after a limited run in early January, often associated with experiences tied to new characters or new releases. Shang-Chi It started showing up again earlier this year. Serna said they wanted to be consistent, seeing how certain characters might stand out in specific situations, such as during the evening (like Werewolf by Night during the Halloween season) or a special event. Appearance by Agatha Harkness and A Zombie Captain America at Oogie Bogie Bash.

Avengers Campus — and all Marvel-based characters and experiences at Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line — will appear A universe of their own, which is reminiscent of the main MCU universe, but not the exact universe. It helps to calculate how both Steve Rogers And Sam Wilson Maybe appear as Captain America at the same time (and allow T’Challa to still pop up as Black Panther).

Here are the names of the royal family of Wakanda – with a little translation.

“The way we see the Avengers complex,” says Serna Variety A big part of what we think. We’re excited about where the movies are going because anything can happen — three spider man Let’s meet in a world! – We see it as an opportunity for us. I think what we really want is for the Avengers complex to be a surprising place where I don’t expect to show up for an hour. [specific] Things are going to happen. I show up at one and Ten Things can happen. We want to make that kind of fun surprise for our guests, because that’s the world of comic books and movies.

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Experiences and Holiday Fest at Disneyland Resort’s California Adventure Park concludes on January 8.

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