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Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Werewolf!

Marvel is rocking Phase 4 with a horror special presentation, and here it is Wolf by Night’s ending was explained and explained what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest entry in MCU Phase 4 is another example of how Disney+ is freeing up Marvel Studios to be a little more experimental. The black and white special focuses on Jack Russell (Gail Garcia Bernal), Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), and other monster hunters. Gives a brisk 52 minute running time Wolf by Night A chance to tell a fast-paced self-contained horror story in the MCU and introduce the franchise to many supernatural characters.

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The main structure for this Wolf by NightThe story revolves around the death of Ulysses Bloodstone, leader of an unnamed monster hunting group and owner of the powerful Bloodstone. His death allows Verussa (Harriet Sandham Harris) to assemble a pack of monster hunters to inherit the Blood Stone. Many focus on hunting down Man-Thing and fight for survival, Jack Russell is there to save his old friend, Elsa Bloodstone loves Bloodstone. Little does everyone know that Jack is hiding a big secret and that he is actually known as a monster Wolf by Night. The discovery of this leads to his imprisonment and forced conversion, resulting in an action-packed and bloody affair Wolf by Night Conclusion

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Why didn’t Elsa attack the bloodstone in the night of the wolf?

action Wolf by NightWerewolf By Night escapes from prison, Verussa imprisons him and goes around laying siege to Bloodstone Manor. As he makes quick work of the various armored guards and a few other hunters around, only Verussa can use the Blood Stone on him again, blocking future attacks. But when Elsa’s bloodstone incapacitates her, the werewolf by night pounces on his former partner and is about to kill her. However, Jack Russell did not attack Elsa Bloodstone Wolf by NightThe end of Instead they lock eyes and he jumps off her and runs out of Bloodstone Manor.

The fact that the werewolf by night didn’t attack Elsa Bloodstone is proof that Jack remembers her even in his book. A powerful Marvel monster form. Before Verussa uses the bloodstone to trigger Jack’s werewolf transformation, he sniffs Elsa’s scent to reinforce the possibility that he remembers it. He also tells her that she must maintain eye contact with him at all times to be safe. Elsa follows these orders to look directly into Jack’s eyes, and a combination of this and remembering her scent (and possible voice) seems to ensure that the werewolf by night doesn’t attack her. Wolf by NightThe end of Jack notes that it worked once before to protect someone else from being attacked, and now he can count on Elsa as another survivor.

Man-Thing Returns and Saves Elsa Bloodstone

The role of man-thing Wolf by Night It seemed over once Jack and Elsa helped him escape the maze he was trapped in. Man-Thing makes a heroic return, despite running into the forest and seemingly free of monster hunters. Wolf by NightThe end of Based on his conversation with Jake at the end, it seems Man-Thing made sure his friend was safe and returned the favor for saving him this time. The MCU’s multiverse creature appears just in time to save Elsa Bloodstone, as Verussa is ready to fire a gun. Man-Thing uses his powers to kill Verusa soon after landing at Bloodstone Manor. This further proves that Ted is a hero and believes Marvel’s version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer After their quick bond in Vishesh.

Elsa Bloodstone takes over Bloodstone Manor & The Bloodstone

Another big development Wolf by NightThe conclusion is that Elsa takes Bloodstone as her own and reclaims Bloodstone Manor as her new home. The special says that the bloodstone has always belonged to Elsa but that she lost that right as a result of being away from the family for 20 years. After knocking out Verussa, she breaks off a hunt for her father’s funeral to retrieve the Blood Stone. It’s not entirely clear what Elsa intends to do with the powerful artifact, but inherent powers such as increased strength, longevity, and protection leave many possible explanations. Thanks to Bloodstone and making Bloodstone Manor his new base of operations (and maybe The MCU’s Midnight Sons), Elsa Bloodstone is set to continue her career as an eccentric monster hunter.

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Why does the wolf turn color at night at the end?

Throughout the runtime of the MCU special presentation, Bloodstone is the only one in color. It changes as the glowing red color begins to radiate from the artifact Wolf by NightFinishes and colors everything. Instead of the bloodstone looking like Steven Spielberg’s Red Coat Schindler’s List, the transition to full color begs the question of why everything else was in black and white. There’s an obvious explanation for Marvel’s desire to emulate classic monster movies with a black-and-white look, but Marvel’s decision to use color in the final scenes could be a sign. MCU magic weaponReal Powers. The fact that color radiates from the bloodstone only after Elsa gains possession of it means that Verussa has previously used it to remove color from the real world in a certain area. If so, the bloodstone turns everything into color Wolf by Night’s conclusion can confirm that it has the ability to alter reality at some level.

How the wolf reverted to his human form at night

Final scenes Wolf by Night Jack Russell’s human form is shown back after his rampage. There are a few possible explanations for why the Werewolf by Night is not in his creature form the next morning. For one thing, Elsa helped trigger the Bloodstone reversal (like Black Widow’s Hulk Lullaby), which is why the werewolf by night ran away so quickly instead of attacking her. It’s also possible for a werewolf by night to always revert to his human form after sleeping, so resting him immediately after nightfall might help him revert. Once the Bloodstone changes owners, it is possible that the previous spells Verusa used to become Jack Werewolf by Night will be reversed.

Will Werewolf By Night’s Characters Return In The MCU?

At the time Wolf by Night ending, it’s not confirmed that any of the featured characters are returning to the MCU. However, each of the three main supernatural heroes is definitely set for more adventures. Man-Thing and the Werewolf by Night are last seen together and tease about what’s coming next for them. The longtime supernatural friends may not always be together in the MCU, but it seems more likely Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night Will return at some point. Elsa Bloodstone’s MCU future is also open, and Marvel Studios will capitalize on the response she gets. As a vampire hunter in the comics, Elsa Bloodstone is a natural fit. knife With Eric Brooks by Mahershala Ali. It is not confirmed yet, but the movie could be linked to another supernatural character. from Wolf by Night While not directly setting up what’s next for Jack Russell, Elsa Bloodstone, and the Man-Thing, viewers will have to wait to see how they factor into the future of the MCU.

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